About ISA16


The central theme of the eighth edition of Interaction South America focuses on addressing the new ways in which the discipline is developed from three complementary areas: Disruptive methods, innovative contexts and new ways of organizing teams UX.

This edition of the most important event about interaction design in South America will be focused on the following topics:

Disruptive processes and methods for UX design

Our discipline has cultivated for years, various methodologies that have allowed us to define our work; these methods have relied mainly on sequential processes that require huge amounts of time, resources and documentation. The current scenario proposes new methodological and agile approaches that allow to generate research, new ways of prototyping, new forms of deliverables (or even the absence of them) and new ways to measure user experiences. This edition of ISA focuses on exploring these methodologies.

Innovative contexts for applying UX

The current state of the UX is traditionally linked to experience design and digital interfaces. In this edition of ISA you’ll see new cases of successful implementations, unconventional to other industries that shows the power of innovation and good practices applicable to various fields, such as Education, Agriculture, Mining, Health, SmartCities, IoT, Government, Sustainability, Crisis and Disaster Aid, among others.

Disruptive organizations and teams

The traditional paradigm of small and large organizations considered hiring standardized profiles, used to a cascade methodology. This is changing towards professionals with diversified backgrounds that are able to incorporate different areas to ux design, creating solutions for various touch points. These are competences of professionals outside the traditional culture, that comes from agencies, consultants and startups; good practices that improve business, customer experience and communication within organizations.

In this edition of ISA we’re going to explore these profiles, generating key ideas for creating these new teams and their place on organizations of the future.

ISA16 Board

Eduardo Aguayo
IxDA Santiago Local Leader.
LinkedIn | @aguayoki

Rodrigo Vera
IxDA Santiago Local Leader.
LinkedIn | @rots

Juan Paulo Madriaza
Contents Director.
LinkedIn | @mad_uxd

Nelson Rodriguez-Peña
Peer Review Comittee Director.
LinkedIn | @nelsonrp

Jacob Bustamante
Education Summit Chair.
LinkedIn | @jacobustamante

Maringrid Venegas
PR Director.
LinkedIn | @fantomasina

Joyce Romero Ribot
Production Manager.
LinkedIn | @JoyceRibot

Andrea Valenzuela
LinkedIn | Magnolia Producciones