Cindy Chastain

Demystifying Experience Strategy

Cindy Chastain

18 de Noviembre

15:00 - 19:00


No matter how good the design, if you’re not focused on the right things your product will fall short of exceeding the expectations of your target users. No matter how thoughtful you’ve been about user needs, you can also fall short of creating something that truly stands out from the competition. No matter how clear you are on the differentiators, your product can still fail to deliver value to the business.

So how do we avoid those problems? You build experience strategy into your product development process.

Whether creating a product, service or marketing platform, defining a clear experience strategy is a critical step for ensuring that your team is set up for delivering a relevant, useful, and emotionally resonating customer experience that will stand out from the competition and contribute to business growth. An experience strategy, in short, is a tool for business as well as for product design.

This workshop will take participants through a six part framework for creating effective experience strategies. Through case studies, discussion and interactive exercises, participants will emerge with a clear understanding of the key questions and activities that will help teams define their strategy.

Who’s it for: It’s for practitioners of any level who would like to refine their approach to strategy and/or step up to a more strategic role in the organization.


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