Russ Unger

Design Culture Basics: Creating Your Team Charter

Russ Unger

18 de Noviembre

15:00 - 19:00


Getting a design team "on the same page" is the oft-stated goal of managers who care about how team unity affects the quality of the work. However, miscommunication is a given, and eventually every manager uncovers a series of disconnects between what was said and what was understood.

Consider, then, the benefits of creating a Team Charter: a kind of persona for your team that will help every member identify and agree upon a shared identity, purpose, and vision for the future.

Through a series of team activities, learn how to uncover the perceptions your team already has of themselves as a unit, as well as their thoughts about how they are perceived by others in the organization and craft a team charter of your own. With this key information, you can shape the team’s purpose and craft a plan to generate the proper perception of your team by others in a living document that keeps everyone on the same page.


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