Mastering Paper and Digital Prototyping

Indigo Studio

18 de Noviembre

15:00 - 19:00


When you take on a UI design project, it’s tempting to focus on how the solution will look. This includes thinking about content, typography, colors, general layout of a screen, and even the technology. We don’t spend enough time on understanding the problem, let alone whether it is the right solution!

We are mistaken in thinking design as something the designer creates. A critical part of the user centered design process is evaluating with users. That means we need a way to show our users and stakeholders our design proposals as early and as cheaply as possible.

UI prototypes can help in collecting user feedback about the task flow (experience) even before we start debating the style. Prototype because it lets users experience the application like they would in a real application. This serves at least two goals:

  • Understand how well the solution fits the users’ need/problems
  • Discover aspects of the design problem previously unknown. In other words, gather new requirements.

Paper prototyping is a quick and easy way to create and evaluate app experiences. It works great with co-located users and requires minimal training or investment. Digital prototypes are easier test with remote users, and faster to tweak/refine.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to create both paper and digital prototypes quickly. We’ll also discuss how to conduct usability testing with your prototypes. Workshop participants will create their own prototypes and test them with other workshop attendees. The workshop participants will gain a practical understanding of how to create both paper and digital prototypes, when to use them, and how to test them with users. And finally, get first-hand knowledge of how prototyping medium may impact the designer’s flow, and type of user feedback.

Note: To participate on this workshop, you need to bring your computer.


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