Empathy and UX Practices

Cecilia Kremer - Ana Marafiga - Mariana Tavernari

19 de Noviembre

15:00 - 19:00


In this workshop we will talk about Empathy. Although there is not currently an agreed upon definition of empathy, - it´s a discussion topic for psychologists, anthropologists, etc. - the fact is that we not only experience its aspects and variations in our personal lives, but it is a core, powerful skill for UX professionals. We all need resources to cope with and improve it.

We start the workshop presenting McLaren´s working definition of empathy (“The Art of Empathy”, 2013) with the goal of making Empathy a more accessible and organized concept, so it can become a valuable and dependable resource. We articulate Empathy so that UXers can perceive, understand, manage and develop this skill. We help the participants identify empathic skills at work, and have them fill out a self-test to identify their strengths and challenges. With this first insight handy, we articulate and illustrate empathy´s essential aspects.

We follow-up to explore these aspects in action within UX methods and practices. We describe examples and follow-up with hands-on exercises (based on specific roles for each participant and supported by materials, templates and scripts). These exercises will help participants identify and reflect about Empathy in activities such as: user interviews, empathy maps and personas, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing.

We wrap up explaining how such deeper understanding empowers UXers to improve the overall quality of their deliverables, bringing up participants´ feedback. In the end we provide a few tips on how to further develop this skill.


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