Products with personality: tools to define trait-based design principles

John Labriola - Patricio Maller - Pablo Piccolotto

19 de Noviembre

09:00 - 13:00


UX design is stretching beyond traditional goals of usability and efficiency into the emotional attachment of desirability, seductiveness, and persuasion. The next big challenge bridging the gap between users’ social behavior and product design is to infuse personality into the products that we create. Designing personality can lead to more satisfying and meaningful relationships with users.

Personality design has been around for a long time, and there are multiple methods that designers have employed. However, agreeing on design principles from personality traits is still empirical, and requires some craftsmanship from the team. Complexity of the tools range from simple mood boards to models of behavior, with origins mainly in psychology, visual design and marketing.

In this workshop, we will experience 4 different tools for personality design, suitable for participatory design sessions that will help define design principles based on traits for our products. We will work with mood boards, Plutchick´s emotions wheel, complements to target personas and enriched user journeys.

Finally, we will synthesize the results using a tailored Myer-Briggs’ typological personality framework (based on Jung´s school of personality types) to outline our trait-based design principles.

The workshop is targeted to a broad audience with a basic knowledge of products design, personas and experience maps.


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