Innovation and Futures Thinking: Are You Leading or Following?

Ricardo Brito

18 de Noviembre

9:00 - 13:00


The workshop is about the practice of Futures Thinking on the conception and design of services. Attendees will learn to identify, understand and foresee emerging needs and opportunities, and build concepts that could meet them. Using future scenarios for guidance, attendees will also learn how to transform ideas from trends into potential business and increase their chances of succeeding in the market.

But what is Futures Thinking? It is the practice of using methods and tools to understand the economic, social and cultural changes in the business environment. By understanding trends, we can uncover new opportunities for innovation and new service values ​and become forerunners in a world where changes occur rapidly. In addition, uncertainty seems to be the concern of a large number of companies nowadays, and Futures Thinking helps companies to make decisions by giving more understandable and easy approaches to uncertainties.

In general the practice of Futures Thinking aims to identify mega- trends​ and weak signals in the market, pointing directions of development for the industry sectors and access the effects of possible changes and disruptions. The combination of Futures Thinking and Service Design thinking helps companies to be better prepared for the possible futures and also help them to be more proactive instead of being reactive to the market changes.

1st session (2h):

  • Futures Thinking goals, benefits, and best practices
  • Futures Thinking as supplement for Service Design and Innovation
  • Get to know methods and tools applied to Futures Thinking
  • How to understand, identify, evaluate and visualize trends
  • Trends in industry segments and fields
  • How to identify weak signals
  • Identifying opportunities

2nd session (2h)

  • Working with Trend Cards
  • Creating innovative concepts
  • Identifying the maturity level of the concept


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