Wieslaw Kotecki


Partner at strategic-design company – UseLab. UX strategist with over 9 years of experience. In UseLab responsible for advising key clients with CX/UX strategies. Carried out projects in 11 markets across the world. Speaker on numerous conferences, coach, mentor, lecturer at the University of Social Psychology and Humanities. One of the founders and originators of UX Poland – the largest UX conference in Central Europe.


Polish UX going to South America – what we can learn from each other?

Sábado 14:15 hs

What kind a story European coming to the UX conference in South America could tell?  What a Pole can show to UX community in Argentina?

He tell a story about Poland and the similarity of our cultures. He may talk about the common history, the passion and energy of society, which allows you to deal with difficult history.

He may talk about the country and people, which after the fall of communism in 1989, has experienced a great change. A thought one.

The growth, whose very important element is technology, the Internet, the role of UX and it’s impact  on people’s lives. He will discuss, how well designed services can make us change our countries.

He will show the perspective of the founder of the first UX company on the Polish market, and will try to convey “lesson learnt” in communicating our work, education of the market and clients, leading simple and complex projects. All than on specific examples.