Viviana Doctorovich

Workshops: The UX designers Trojan horse

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my 8 years as UX Designer is that a highly collaborative relationship with your client is paramount to the success of any project and the key for achieving work satisfaction. After all, what’s the value of a great design if it’ll never see the light of day because you cannot get your client to implement it? Maybe it’s time that we stop complaining about our clients ‘just don’t getting it’ and start taking responsibility on ensuring that they do. I believe that as a UX designers our duty is not only coming up with solutions but also teaching our clients to think as designers.

In this talk you’ll learn how to use workshops as a vehicle to take your clients in a journey through the design process so that they not only start ‘getting it’ but also become evangelists of your work in their organisation. Among other things, I’ll be telling you about workshop planning, design games and how to manage managing difficult stakeholders. My hope is that by the end of this session you’ll have a new secret weapon to help you build both better relationships with your clients and better products.

Viviana Doctorovich



I’ve been working in UX for 8 years and I’m currently a Senior UX Designer at Clearleft, on of the most prestigious UX agencies in the UK. My clients have included councils, financial institutions, travel companies, international sports organisations and publishing houses. Projects have come in all shapes and sizes; waterfall and Scrum; user research, information architecture and interaction design; complex websites; mobile apps; you name it.

There is one thing that has remained constant throughout all my career in UX, and that is my search for the best tools to promote and support effective collaboration. In the last few years collaborative workshops with clients and colleagues have become one of my favourite tools and I have been focusing in developing my skills in this area both trough hands-on experience and training.