Workshop: Wieslaw Kotecki

Visual Thinking – powerful tool for effective collaboration in UX projects

19 Nov 2014
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Sala A


If you think you can’t draw, if you are too shy to take a pen and sketch your ideas, if you are frustrated because your coworkers and clients don’t understand you – this workshop is for you.

If you often have a feeling that in your projects there is to many boring, ineffective meetings, where you can’t come up with efficient solutions – this workshop is for you.

In every project (not only UX) an effective communication is the key to success. Main reasons of complex projects failures are:

  • ineffective transfer of ideas and assumptions on particular stages of the project
  • no understanding between members of the team or the clients due to different background, experience and knowledge
  • inefficient project meetings
  • lack of client’s or stakeholder’s commitment to the design process

The solution for these problems is the implementation of the Visual thinking methods and tools (not only limited to drawing) which support the design process and the project management.

You’ll learn how to use Visual thinking and specific methods to improve:

  • communication within the team and with the stakeholders
  • creativity at every step of design process
  • engagement during meetings and workshops
  • way of communicating your work
  • project management

This workshop will be 100% practical and interactive. You’ll learn in practice how to start using Visual thinking in your work just from the next day.

And you’ll enjoy sketching and drawing :)

Intended audience

Designers and UX Designer, Product Managers, UX Managers – all people involved in UX Design process.

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