Vivian Sarratt

Get It Done: At Scale

Working across the AdWords platform at Google, I manage a team of incredibly smart, driven UX designers who face the same challenges that many UX designers face: what to do when projects get stuck. I’m a Senior UX Producer, aka a Design Program Manager, and I have a uniquely broad insight into what UX Designers experience.

Time and time again, I hear designers’ frustrations. 4 people stand in a room in front of a whiteboard: a product manager, a content writer, a technologist and a UX designer. By the end of the worksession, all parties think the issues have been closed and it’s heads down in design time.

Many times, after this worksession, 2 stakeholders (let’s say, marketing and another product manager) are added to the discussion — after everyone thought the issues were closed. Then, 2 more stakeholders are added the next week. And 2 more. Each has a loud voice, a strong opinion, and should be taken into consideration as the product is built.

But how do we reach consensus with so many strong opinions, and move the project forward?

The best way to manage a project is learn from the roadblocks, and apply how you navigate them to other projects.

At a high level, I will be discussing project process. But at the granular level, my talk will cover gaining the trust of your team, managing your own productivity, and hitting the gas when things stall.

The vital impact of identifying and managing stakeholders, external and internal, while maintaining a strong UX voice and being the advocate for UX best practices will also be covered.

My talk aims to show how UX designers and researchers can be organized, understand the ecosystem, anticipate roadblocks, and get inside their team members’ heads to lead a project to successful launch.

Vivian Sarratt


I’m an Emmy Award Winning Producer and have lead campaigns across broadcast, desktop and mobile.

Projects I’ve worked on include large scale and small scale site development, iOS and Android applications and mobile web, online media campaigns, overarching digital strategy for brands, and social media centered campaigns.

My skills in building relationships are a result of constant, clear communication with my teams.

I have produced campaigns for Google, Paramount Pictures, AT&T, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and am now the Senior UX Design Producer on Google AdWords.

I’m a Senior UX Design Producer, aka a Design Program Manager, and I bring a uniquely broad insight into what UX designers experience. I set forth just enough (but not too much) process once a project gets the greenlight. At Google, I specifically focus on team-based operations and management within the AdWords group