John Labriola

Experience Mapping: A Technique to Understanding the Journey

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Right now we are witnessing an evolution in how products behave and how customers interact with them. They are crossing and intersecting various channels, becoming more service-like. With the rise of the Internet of Things, many that were not are now crossing the digital divide.

Understanding your customers’ interactions with your product is becoming increasing complex and difficult. One technique that visualizes and makes it easier to comprehend these interactions is experience mapping. If you’ve ever had trouble creating or wanted to create a product that feels holistically designed and orchestrated, then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will cover how to map those customer interactions as touchpoints along a journey to tell a complete coherent story. This will help you and your team to develop a deeper understanding and empathy for your customers. We will also explore using experience maps to create a vision of an ideal journey. Mapping out how every occasion where your product interacts with a customer is an opportunity that can be leveraged to be engaging, appropriate, and relevant in a meaningful way.

We will cover what to look for in your research to get the right data as well as concepts in storytelling, visualization, Kano analysis, and some modeling techniques. In addition we will review how to use them in other design related activities such as ideating sessions, scenario writing, creating product roadmaps, feature prioritization, and more.

The structure for the day will include a mix of shared insights and case studies followed by group activities to put the ideas you learn into practice. By the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge and hands-on experience you need for experience mapping in your own projects.

John Labriola


John has over 15 years of designing for experiences. He has bounced around quite a bit, working on large- and small-scale projects ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups to non-profits. Sharing his knowledge and experience with others is deep passion that has led him to speak at local meetups, conferences, and universities. Currently John is a User Experience Design Lead at Intel, past work has included Teach For America, Bank of New York Mellon, Marsh USA, and Yamaha.

A native New Yorker he has since turned his world upside down and relocated to Cordoba, Argentina. When not designing he likes spending time with his family cooking, hiking, gardening, landscaping, making stuff, and enjoying homemade pizza-movie nights on the couch.

I have been using experiencing mapping as a tool and activity for over 5 years on various types of projects. At Interactions 13 in Toronto I ran a sold out full-day workshop with Chris Risdon with about 30 attendees. We received great feedback through out the conference from the attendees. I have also held the workshop within my last two employers and a local startup event with positive results.