Yaseed Chaumoo

How enabling the younger generation with User Centered Learning can help us as designers

As digital further transforms the world we live and work, education is left to operate with traditional curriculums. Today, we are seeing the impact of young minds who are changing the digital landscape by coding new technologies but have done so by themselves. States are lacking in being able to provide adequate knowledge of the digital world. It is our responsibilities as professional practitioners to help facilitate and educate the future generations of the values of thinking users first.

This talk will begin by discussing how countries are trying to support the young generation and we will look at the statistics behind digital education. My aim is to talk about a program run by a non profit in the UK called Apps for Good which over the past few years has now integrated itself with the education systems and teaches children the process of app creation within hundreds of schools. By utilising a network of industry experts to deliver the teaching sessions over Skype or in person, young minds are learning the UCD approach and are enabled to think differently.

As an expert mentor myself, I have delivered many classes and workshops with kids and have seen the amazing potential in being able to get them to understand the people first approach we adopt in our professional practise. Teaching the younger generation not only allows us to pass on our knowledge but helps us refine our approaches and methodologies. Examples that we will cover in the talk come from my experience teaching classes and getting kids to create personas, prioritise features but ultimately, really think about the how the users will interact with the products.

Children are not like stakeholders or current users, they have a different way of thinking and it is by approaching them that we can evolve our tools which lets us to become better designers.

My final point is to raise digital learning in Latin America, thanks to organisations like Apps for Good and others, Europe and the United States are able to nurture the new generation. The talk will ask the question of what can we do as professionals to help transform education in Latin America and begin to think of ways to achieve it.

Yaseed Chaumoo

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I am passionate about training and development and this also applies to younger children. As an expert mentor, I have taught many sessions on user centred learning with kids and want to share my insights. I volunteer to teach in the UK and am trying to get similar schemes up and running in Latin America. Working with other experts and keen people, we have been able to transform digital education.