Natalia Arsand

Beyond Creativity – A workshop about Design Thinking

Workshop gratuito

A very practical workshop with the goal of creating the basic awareness of how a product is built with Design in mind (DT as a mindset).

The participants will engage in a fast-forward, full ride of ideations, discussions, sketching, prototypes, interviews, user testing and quick iterations and will get out with a handful set of techniques and methods they can start applying and studying deeply right away.

Natalia Arsand


I’m an Experience Designer with almost 8 years of experience, currently working at ThoughtWorks Brazil.

At ThoughtWorks, I passed by many challenging and interesting projects from Healthcare to Education and Defending Free Internet challenges where in which I was able to introduce and work with a lot of different tools, methods and processes of Design that would allow my team and I to get to the proper and best solutions in each case.

The intention for this workshop is for me to pair with a coworker, Tassia Spinelli, as we believe the work is always more productive when two brains are engaged, and this way we can also better support the workshop attendees.

Both of us currently work at ThoughtWorks, an environment that breaths Agile.